The Navirec logistics solution displays in real-time all positioned vehicles on the map, where you can plan the shortest route with only a couple of clicks



Fastest route

Set the starting and endpoint of the trip or add as many stops as you wish.

The solution shows you on the map the fastest route, total driving distance, and duration



Navirec teekonna planeerimine kütusekulu

Spend less time and fuel

With the route planner, you can find quickly the most optimal driving route.

This helps you to save on traveling time and significantly reduce fuel costs




Navirec optimaalne teekond

Save your vehicle fleet

Shorter trips are easier both for drivers and vehicles.

With optimum routes, you can keep the wear parts of machines operational for longer




Navirec teekonna planeerimine

Make your work organization more efficient

Selecting the optimal route means quicker trips and less time behind the wheel.

This way your employees will work more in less time




Navirec teekond kulutused

Increase the revenue of your company

Optimal driving routes reduce costs and improve work efficiency.

This will quickly pave your way to increase the revenue of your company



With the Navirec trip planner, planning of your daily work is easier


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