Navirec GPS jälgimine


With GPS tracking you have an accurate overview of the locations and movements of the vehicles of your company and can keep track of the vital indicators of the vehicles


Navirec GPS jälgimine


All the required information
visible in real-time


Use the solution in a web browser or mobile app and view everything related to your fleet and employees in real-time.


Overview of the fleet and movement of employees ensures a smooth organization of work



Vital parameters on a map next to the vehicle


  • vehicle location and traveling route
  • status of the tracking device
  • travel speed and fuel level in the tank
  • supply voltage of the battery, RPM of the engine
  • total driving distance
  • start time and finish time of trips
  • driver’s driving style
  • refueling
  • the temperature in the cargo compartment
  • capacity, charging and power consumption of batteries of electric vehicles



Make your work easier with various map layers

Visualize on the map the exact information essential for the work organization of your company

NAvirec kaardikihid


With the Navirec solution, you can choose even between 12 different types of map


  • Google Road, Google Traffic and Google Satellite
  • Regio Baltic
  • Openstreetmap
  • Yandex and Yandex Traffic
  • Yana Seta
  • Aerial photos of the Land Board
  • Fields
  • Cadastral map
  • Forest map




Navirec GPS jälgimine

Simplify your work organization

The professional GPS logistics solution of Navirec gives you an overview of the whole fleet and mobile workforce of your company.



You will significantly improve your own and employees’ efficiency and reduce  expenditure



Unsure if GPS tracking would benefit your business?


GPS tracking enables you to:


  • Navirec GPS jälgimine masinaparkplan the work more efficiently
  • check the location and movement of vehicles
  • establish the most optimum transportation route
  • teach the drivers more economic driving
  • gather vital information to reduce fuel consumption
  • get timely information about arising technical problems


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