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The easiest way to monitor fuel consumption is to use the Navirec fully automatic fuel card monitoring solution



Navirec kütusekaardid

Does fuel control matter?

You probably know even too well, how costly fuel is for the company.

Therefore, if you wish to keep expenses under control, you need to find ways to increase fuel economy!


Based on our 15-year experience, we can say that our customers, who use the Navirec fuel control solution, have reduced their fuel expenses by up to 30%



Monitoring of fuel cards

With the fuel card solution, there are no special sensors installed in vehicles, and refueling data arrives quickly to the solution.

Fuel reports are generated automatically in case of automatic solution




Advantages of fuel card solution


  • more convenient, economic and quicker fuel control
  • accurate and detailed refueling information
  • for the clients of all filling station chains
  • the function can be activated independently
  • fuel reports are generated automatically (in case of automatic solution)



No more fuel thefts

Navirec kütusekaartide jälgimine

After linking your fuel cards with Navirec, you will have a detailed aggregate report of refueling information and will quickly track down any fuel thefts!

Navirec includes the locations of all filling stations. After entering the area of the gas station, it is automatically verified, if a company car linked to the card is refueled.


Set up automatic notifications, which will let you know when the company’s fuel card is used for refueling a private car



Automatic refueling reports

Detailed refueling information is delivered to our system automatically. No need to store or analyze fuel checks!

Thereby, creating the reports is easier than ever before!




The fuel card report shows:
  • which card was used and by whom to refuel a vehicle
  • where and when the vehicle was refueled
  • was the card linked to the vehicle that was refueled
  • how much and which type of fuel was used for refueling



We cooperate with major filling station chains in Estonia


Navirec kütusekaardid tanklaketid

The function can also be used by the clients of other enterprises after importing the data related to fuel cards manually into the system



Activation of the fully automatic solution



Get maximum benefit from the company’s fuel cards and gain full control over the fuel expenses of your vehicle fleet


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