GPS device with a built-in battery is perfect for tracking ATVs, motorcycles, and boats


Track your vehicles worldwide
with GMT100


  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Thanks to the built-in battery, GMT100 provides location data for approximately one week after power supply from the vehicle has ended
  • When the vehicle’s ignition is switched off, the power consumption of the device is zero
  • Perfect for ATVs, motorcycles, and boats
  • Easy to install
  • Works worldwide



The GMT100 GPS tracker costs €100

A service fee of €9 per month is added for Navirec software usage

VAT will be added to the prices as provided by law

Navirec software can be used both on your computer and on mobile devices via Navirec’s mobile app (iOS / Android)


How to buy?

  1. Fill in the Order now! application and our customer support will contact you shortly
  2. We will ship the GPS tracker to you – it’s ready to use!
  3. Free video training of Navirec software is included in the price!
  4. We will be happy to install the device for you if needed (additional fee for installation will apply)


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